• Manufacturing Process

    Manufacturing Process

01 Digital print

No stencil making stage is required for digital print so its straight from the design file to the printed part. Apart from being efficient as this cuts out a process, digital print also allows incredible design freedom. Near photographic quality is the norm. 

02 Screen-print

With design complete the first manufacturing stage is screen preparation where the stencils are created from in-house plotted film masters ready for print process. Switch circuits and graphics are printed in an air-conditioned controlled environment to ensure consistency.

03 Cut & form

At Calman we have been CNC cutting keypads for over 25 years but we still die-cut when required. Nowadays our CNC systems have optical registration ensuring an accurate result. We also carry out all our embossing in-house.

04 Assembly

Once all the various layers are complete from print,cut and forming, product assembly can take place. For all new designs one part is assembled to completion and tested before the initial batch is completed.

05 Test & Inspect

Even a relatively simple keypad design has 15 to 20 inspection processes carried out on it before it gets to final functional test and every keypad manufactured is 100% functionally tested prior to dispatch.

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