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In the current situation where the pandemic has created industry-wide delivery issues with raw materials and components we thought it might be topical to detail how we deal with product delivery at Calman.

We have always considered that we operate in an environment where our clients want parts quicker than we can make them.  To deal with this we have adopted the practice of providing delivery dates we’re confident of hitting and making it clear that we will endeavour to beat them. We do this knowing full well that we may not be promising the delivery that our clients want, but we are providing an honest estimate of what we can achieve.

What we don’t do is give delivery dates that we can’t meet and then let our clients down.

Since well before the current pandemic-driven delivery crisis, lead-times have been a hot topic in the keypad, fascia and label market with heroic lead-times promised in order to win business.

Having never taken this approach we need to ensure that what we are doing is working, so we analyse our performance.


The two simple charts below show how we’ve performed.

The first shows how quickly we respond to requests for quotation and the second shows our actual ­­­part delivery performance.







During 2021 we met or exceeded our agreed schedule on 97.8% of all deliveries.

Don’t just take our word for it read what our customers have to say about us.



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