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It has never been easier to apply your branding to membrane keypads, graphic overlays or product labels! We have the options of in-house screen or digitally printing or combining both methods for the best of both.

Screen printing is favoured in membrane keypads for the flex life on switches. It can also be used to create custom surface textures or metallic effects.

Stencils are created from in-house plotted artwork separations and the graphics are then screen printed in an air-conditioned, controlled environment to ensure consistency.

A benefit from digital printing is no stencil making stage is required, so its straight from the design file to the printed part. This is not only time efficient but also cost efficient as separate artworks are no longer needed for each colour being printed.

Digital printing enables the option of graphic variations, sequential serial numbering and QR code printing. We can also use the Pantone matching system to keep branding of products consistent. We have also used this method to produce prototype graphic layers for new projects. This gives the client freedom to play around with the graphic styles without the cost of artwork plotting. We would then convert to a hybrid print by adding screen operations where needed for final prototypes or production batches.

Hybrid printing (combining screen and digital) offers flex life in fully screen printed key areas along with the option of full colour background images or branding with the digital process.

To request a free sample pack with examples of our graphic printing, you can use the form on our Contact page, send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 01294 313 104.





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