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In the interest of being able to provide a comprehensive insight in to the more technical details that go in to the design and manufacture of our parts, we will be issuing additional blogs under the heading of TechZone. These articles are intended to help the user make informed decisions regarding the design and specification of their product and make the design and quotation processes more efficient.

There will be five different categories of TechZone article covering different aspects of membrane keypads, graphic overlays, labels and printed electronics. These are titled as Graphic, Circuit, Mechanical, Commercial and Environmental; each will be defined by its own logo. 

Techzone Logos Graphics
Graphic blogs will cover details such as file format, print options and finishes.
Techzone Logos Circuit
Circuit blogs will explore such topics as integral components, shielding and connector types.
Techzone Logos Mechanical
In Mechanical blog articles we will cover switch types, switch sizes, construction and clearance issues.
Techzone Logos Commercial
Commercial blog articles will highlight elements of the product that can impact on cost.
Techzone Logos Environment
Finally, Environmental blogs will cover what solutions can be offered to cater to specific operating environments where sealing and chemical resistance are of key importance.


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